Downloads for ICON hackathons

Date and time: Sunday 8:30
Room: Keurs
Coordinators: Steven Miletic, Lukas Snoek
Title: A tutorial on multivoxel pattern analysis (MVPA) of fMRI data in Python
Download (~41 MB).
 Additional information with data here.

Date and time: Monday 8:30
Room: Keurs
Coordinator: Johannes Fahrenfort
Title: The Amsterdam Decoding And Modeling toolbox (EEG/MEG)
Lecture slides in pdf form (6.5 MB)!.
Download 1 (~2.5 GB), alternate location (same file) here.
Download 2 (~120 MB), alternate location (same file) here.
Indicate your progress here!

Date and time: Tuesday 8:30
Room: Keurs
Coordinator: Jan Hendrik Kirchner
Title: Stochastic modelling for neurosciences in R
  Install R here.
  Install RStudio here.
  Download Sim.DiffProc here.